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Tips to Combating Cardholder Frauds

Globalization has turned the world to be a small village with many businesses transacting business activities around the world from different locations. Therefore, these a demand on businesses that transact business across the world to change the payment methods that they use.It is no longer the generation that used the barter trade as a method of payment or the use of cash because it is hard to transact cash across the world. Electronic payment methods are one of the results of the demand to change the traditional methods of payment. There many companies and individuals who of adapting to the electronic payment method to pay for the items that are purchased from physical or online shops. Electronic payment methods include the use of smart cards, mobile payments, credit card, debit cards, checks to name but a few.

One disadvantage of using electronic payment is that it is hard to protect your money. There are many cases that prove the insecurity of having electronic money as many cases report of credit card or debit card frauds. In many cases you can lose your card and also other personal details in the same bag meaning the person who finds the back can conduct transactions on your behalf without your knowledge.Other cases may involve skimming, checker, account takeover, application frauds to name but a few. There are many people who have tried to come up with the countermeasures to ensure that the cardholder fraud is combated for The following are the ways to combat cardholder frauds.

The company that issues the card as a part to play in combating the cardholder fraud. The company should take therefore of ensuring that there are fraud detections and other mechanisms to respond to the cardholder frauds such as the Andrew Phillips Cardflex processors. Also, there is fraud detection software that the company can come up with to ensure that the notice or detect any unusual behavior or pattern during the transactions which can help in raising a red flag.

When it comes to the combating of cardholder fraud, even the merchant as a role to play. For instance, to ensure that the right person is transacting the business with the merchant, it is important to ensure that request for additional personal information such as the card security code, ZIP and also the pin. As a merchant, it is important that you use reliable authentication such as the PayPal if indirectly and the MiiCard if directly.

As the cardholder, be sure to report when you lose the card, or it is stolen. Be checking your regular purchases and charges and any unauthorized transaction notification.

Hiring Gen Y for Contingent Work

There are times when I get into a ‘could have been’ mode and wonder what I could have done differently with my life, if only I had access, during my college days, to things like Wikipedia, Google and Google Scholar! As a septuagenarian friend of mine put it, history needs to re-written with times counted not as B.C. and A.D. anymore – but as B.G. and A.G. (standing respectively for Before Google and After Google). So, the green-eyed monster is hard to keep at bay when I look at today’s young generation or Gen-Y. Look at their parents terrified of inflicting any lasting psychological trauma on them, their access to and comfort with groovy tech gadgets, and the works – but, their access to knowledge at the tip of their fingers is what really differentiates them high-flyers against the landlubbers! You must believe me when I say I actually saw one of them casually ‘Googling’ a query as to how porcupines manage their romantic lives – and sure enough, pat came the response within a nanosecond: very carefully!

I just love temping:

Many of the predictions, of future growth in contingent workforce, factor in the added infusion of many such Gen-Y candidates to the pool. Given the Gen-Yers’ amazing confidence levels (in part – thanks to their access to a vast amount of knowledge, whether deep or superficial), and their energy, enthusiasm and ambition, they are expected to love the autonomy provided by flex hours and the liberty to live life to the fullest, to travel between assignments and be their own boss. They are not expected to be ruffled at all by the idea of getting introduced as temps or consultants. On the contrary, they can take pride in their ability to handle their work-life balance better (or the ability to run a small business on the side) – thereby removing the stigma people generally associate with being temps labels and make them not only acceptable but actually the fashionable thing to do!

Play Safe:

The Gen-Y’s attitude to work as a phase rather than a way of life means shorter tenures, which proves galling to any organization that values its workforce and wishes to have a longer term relation with them. Their refusal to be tied down has been directly correlated to the uncertainties of these times where competition is tremendous, job guarantees non-existent and loyalty not considered an inseparable part of the work-ethic. Organizations which have a strategy of hiring Gen-Yers may initially go the contractor/temp/temp-to-hire route during which time they could test the candidate’s suitability while instituting measures bound to engage the loyalty of the candidate and improve the chances of retention. Staffing experts recommend measures like mentoring, a clear growth/career path, offering tasks with a social/environmental bottom-line, incentives, state-of-the-art technology for use, training programs extending all the way to offering massages and yoga classes at work. It is must also be remembered that the Gen Y want to be rewarded and recognized in the short term and will not be caught waiting around till retirement day!

It is a connected world out there!:

Today, an incredible 75% of persons in the 18-24 bracket use online social networks while 57% of the 25-34 group do so. They value social interaction and growth and their addiction to networking online and penchant for flaunting the latest gizmos and smart phones makes them hands-on 24×7 employees.

A word of caution though! Whoever is managing them had better be on guard to watch out against violating the stipulations on work hours and overtime pay rates.

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The Many Advantages that You Obtain from the EMV Chip Technology

Visa, American Express, MasterCard and all others are pressuring the US market to make a change from that magnetic stripe cards to those new cards using the EMV chip technology. Though the magstripe cards have actually been the standard in America for several decades, the EMV technology has promised to revolutionize the US payment ecosystem through offering new benefits to the merchants, customers as well as the processors.

What is great about such EMV cards is that this is going to let you go for more secure transactions. A big sell in the EMV cards is that they would offer a lot better transaction security to many parties which are involved in the payment process. Such traditional magstripe cards store all the different information in just one magnetic stripe. Even if such permits an easy swipe to finish a transaction, it would mean that the information of the card gets intercepted by those skimmers and use this to make fraudulent transactions.

The EMV cards are storing the information in the microprocessor smart chips and they would then be encrypted for such data protection. It is a lot more difficult to get the data and this means that it is harder to create fraud cards requiring the technology to duplicate the micro chip and also the encryptions in order to protect the data.

EMV cards also have a lot of options for such cardholder verification that helps to protect the consumers as well as the businesses from such fraudulent spending and also transactions. You should also know that the EMV supports such contact, contactless as well as the mobile transaction types. With such contactless transaction, the cardholders will just have to tap their cards on the terminal. With the many modes of card processing, then this makes it more secure and customers can alleviate their worries.

Also, you have to know that the EMV chip technology is surely a way to have a fast and secure mobile wallet payment that would allow the customers to simply wave their smartphones on the terminal instead of tapping or dipping the card. The EMV also supports mobile transactions since the mobile wallets have become popularly-used in the payment industry and with this, the merchant can provide several options to the customers.

Andrew Phillips Cliq has surely helped in many ways when it comes to card innovations and technology. With so many years of experience under his belt, Andrew Phillips made a new venture. In 2016, he actually took Cliq higher by accepting micro merchant transactions and by also supporting such real-time funding. He works with those clients to make such card-processing programs that are really made uniquely to be able to meet the needs of those individuals. When you are in search for a similar set up of program in your work place then he and Cliq are your best resources.

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Advantages of Selling Your House Fast for Cash

The minute that you are keen on offering your property, you will require getting an intrigued purchaser that has the money comparable to the estimation of your property. With the economy experiencing an intense time, banks and monetary establishments have fixed the strategies for loaning. Gaining cash to purchase a house isn’t a quick procedure as it was in the earlier years. This implies if you discover a purchaser who needs financing it would mean weeks or perhaps periods of filling applications and sit tight for the credit to be affirmed. When you look at the process that you have gone through, and the deal is not yet assured, you are going to realize that you have wasted a lot of time as well as resources.

Brisk house deal with a money purchaser is the best circumstance. In such a process, you are going to have all the money that you require in a matter of days so that you can go ahead and settle all your outstanding loans as well as other monetary obligations that you possess. A lively cash property deal has an assortment of points of interest. One of the advantages is that you are going to acquire a free appraisal of your property. This will spare you a few costs that you could have brought about in the valuation of your property. Getting the administrations of a broker so you can offer your home implies that you will bring about higher expenses from the earliest starting point of the procedure. Considering every one of the charges that will be leveled against you in the house offering process with a real estate broker, the possible money that you will get will be little given the market cost. This deal doesn’t have a guarantee of a sale hence this will give you further stress. The process of selling via a real estate agent is going to take very long that will make you also waste time.

With a fast property cash sale, you can sell your house securely and without getting charged any transaction cost. This is one major preferred standpoint that the money property purchasers offer you. With 100% straightforwardness in exchanges, no shrouded charges, and legitimate expenses. With only a straightforward and simple form immediately filled on the web, you can get a free gauge for your home. The money purchaser would have the capacity to make you a relatively quick offer without surveying the home. The current situation of your home doesn’t matter. The procedure can be finished in seven days. There is additionally a leaseback decision. Money property purchasers encourage a fast house deal by offering you tailor-made arrangements that would work for you.

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Pets: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How to Choose the Best Dog Kennel.

People get pets for different reason but one thing that is certain is the fact that we love them. The fact that we would go all the way to another planet for these animals however does not mean that we will always have the time to take care of the dogs. The good part is that there are places that the dog can get the care and the treatment that you would have given it even if you are not around. Bothering the people around you with the pet because you will not be in town or you will be out all day is no longer necessary. It is your duty however to make sure that you are leaving that dog in good care and that would be running a background check on the kind of dog kennel you are taking them to.

The fact that there are a number of the dog kennels out there making the searching job even harder. This however will not be the case if you know what exactly to look for. The location of the dog kennel is a good place to start with because you will be needing a place that will be convenient to drop and pick the dog especially when you have to do this on a daily basis or more often. I do not see why you would want to spend hours on the road with all the fuel and the time just to go looking for something that you can get right near you or even worse. You can therefore reduce those costs and choose a Vernon dog daycare if you are located in Vernon.

There are a number of things that will affect the quality and they include state of the facility that you will be taking your dog to and what they have. It should be a healthy place for your dog and have enough man power to give the animals the attention that you them there for. Quality and price are related and that is why those really cheap ones will most likely get you poor quality. The highest quality at a fair price will be the definition of the best dog kennel in Vernon. You can also look at the testimonies of the people that have been there online because you will have pretty much the same experience as they did. If you know someone that have dealt with the various dog daycares then you can ask for references and pointing to the right direction.

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Learning The “Secrets” of Dogs

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Appreciating Online Community News

It is not good to live in a community without knowing what is going on in and around the place. There are many things happening each day in every community around the country, and if you are part of a certain community, you would certainly want to involve yourself in its daily activities. Each day you will know what is happening in the political and economic scenes. Weather is very much a part of community news and people are always watching the weather if they have special activities to participate in. You want to know where to shop for the latest fashion, where to eat a special type of dish, where to get services for your household needs, what’s the latest film, what activities are happening on the weekend. and a lot more goings on in your community. And the best way that people can be kept up to date with the latest is through an online community news site.

An online community news sites gives you everything that is happening in a community. In a local new site you will read of the latest breaking news, deaths, fires, accidents, and other important news each day. This way you get to know the stories in your community and you are well aware of everything happening in the place. You can check out what the weather will be like today in that site. Recreational news will be included especially if your community is known for its recreational spots. if you are looking for a house to buy or to rent, the latest in real estate is there. There are lists of restaurants, theaters, shops, and there are listings for other businesses that will be useful to anyone. Social events, parades, festivals are all lined up in the schedule of activities portion of the website. Included in this local new site is everything that there is to reveal about your community.

You will know your community better with an online community news site. If you know your community better, then you will get the opportunity to help it to grow even better. You will know community concerns which can give you an opportunity to be of service to others. If you know community events, then you will be able to participate in them. Or, you can simply be a part of everything as a simple spectator.

One good example of an online community news site is Lake Expo. You can read all about what is happening in that community through the news site. Everything about the life in their locality can be seen online. Breaking news, weather news, current events, boating news, real estate news, what to see and do in the lake, restaurants, photos, services, shops and classified ads.

If you live in Osage Beach, MO, then you have something to know your community by.

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Finding an Ideal Real Estate Company.

There are certain things that all human beings need in order to survive for example food which provides us with the necessary nutrients our bodies need to be healthy, shelter to protect ourselves from harsh weather conditions and clothes to cover us. Every individual needs a place that they can go and rest after working all day and moreover get a chance to interact with their relatives thus it basic to have a conventional house which is decent for you and your family to be comfortable.

Many people like to build their own homes so that they can get every single detail right when building it to guarantee that it is tailored to their tastes and preferences but with the rising population of the world, building your own house can be extremely costly. There are additionally very many real estate companies that have already built very many beautiful houses which are vacant therefore you can easily buy a house and avoid all the hassle involved in building a house.

The real estate industry is a to a great degree profitable venture and there are a considerable measure of willing real estate investors who buy old houses and remake them and afterwards sell them again at higher prices to willing buyers. There are various individuals who have houses that they wish to offer and in order to offer your home, you need to list it with different houses that are being sold and this could take quite a while. It could be a house that you were given by a relative and you have no use for it thusly you will want to sell it quickly for cash and a large number individuals would enlist a realtor to empower them sell their homes and this will cost you more. There are other alternatives to hiring a realtor to help you sell your house and one alternative is by selling your house to an online real estate investor who will pay cash for your house.

The real estate investors usually buy houses in the state they are subsequently you don’t have to worry about redesigning. You however must be cautious when you are pitching your home to an online real estate investor subsequently before you pitch your home to them, there are a few essential factors that you should consider to ensure everything works out fine.

One of the critical components that you should consider when you are pitching your home to an online real estate investor is their authenticity along these lines ensure that they give all of you the fundamental documents that can demonstrate they are true blue. You ought to in a perfect world work with an online real estate investor that has a decent notoriety and has been doing that business for quite a while.

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Web Design Services

When it comes to web design, there are a lot of ideas that one can come up with and these ideas can be really good. It is really important to have good web designs now a days as if you do no have a good one, your website or your space will not be as popular or as well known as when you do use web designs. In this article, we are going to be talking about web designs and how they can help you so if you are curious to find out, just keep on reading down below.

When it comes to affordable web designs, you can really pick out a lot of these so it is up to you to select those web designs that you like. When it comes to selecting a good web design for your website, you have to know which kind you should get and you can know by the type of website you are going to start. Maybe you want to start a website that is about news and information that is really helpful, you can get a web design that is for this so that things will be a lot easier for people to go about in your website to find the news that they have been looking for and that they want to read about. If you do not have a good web design yet, you should totally start looking for one so that you can really get to earn from it and gain from it as well. You have to know, however, what you are going to use your website for before you go and get your web design or things will not really work out for you with your web design.

When you go and get a good web design, this is really going to help you to get more traffic to your website as it will really help your website to be fast and easy to use. The reason why there are so many people who are now getting good web designs is because it can really help them to market well and to get a lot of customers and clients to their websites. When you have your web design, you are not going to have to maintain it so much so this is good as you can have a good web design and not have to do much maintenance. There are so many people who are now getting good and affordable web designs as they can really help them a lot when it comes to trying to please their customers and those people who stop by at their website. Take care!

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Tips on How to Choose the Preeminent Dentist.

Getting pain in a tooth happens to people sometimes. Having a toothache pains much and so you need treatment from the best dentist for the issue. Therefore, if you have problems with your teeth, then, you need to visit a dentist who will offer great help. You should consider being careful because you might have to use the treatment services of a dentist which is not qualified because any doctor can treat teeth issues.
The site where the dentist is located that is the facility you will attend should be known. It will help since you will determine whether the dentist can be reached fast enough whenever you are in a rush. It might be the time you are in office working and you look for a few minutes where you can get to the dentist and get treated according to your limited time. If at all it is far, then, it might be inconvenient for you. Therefore, the dentist you choose should be near the place of work or where you live.

You need to reflect on the working hours of the dentist you will choose for the services. Sometimes you can also lack enough time to relax because you have been held up at work. Therefore, you cannot find time to get to the dentist during your office days and hours for you to be treated. Thus, if you are the type of the busy folks, then, you better look for the dentist who can offer the dental care services during the evenings and even on weekends. It will help since you will visit the dentist for the treatment during your free time.

Whenever you visit the facility, then, you will have a chance to know the services offered with their respective charges. Thus, you need to be assured that the services you need are offered in the facility before you choose the dentist because you might find out later that the services you need are not treated in that facility, for example, you might be in need of tooth sealant for your child which is not offered, and even they might not handle kids. It shows that whatever services you need it will make you select another dentist. Sometimes the money charged can differ from various dentists. You will have to pick the right dentist whose charges are affordable to you according to the money you have decided to use for the treatment services. You should consider getting a dentist who takes the insurance coverage to use it for your treatment services. The amount of money you could have used to pay for the services will be reduced.

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Hints on Purchasing a Good Used Car

By buying a used car, you will lower down the expense to buy your car.The availability of numerous dealers helps a person to have his car conveniently.The challenge is getting the right dealer that will offer a good car for your use.For you to have the best dealer for the purchase of a quality car, you need to conduct research.To make use that you have the right car, you need to spend your adequate time in the search for it since hasty movement will disadvantage you.The importance of devoting your resources in research is that you have a used car.In order to have a quality car, you need to consider these dealers that are good, despite them being expensive. The following are tips of buying a good used car.

You will have a good depending on the budget you have set aside.The selection of the second-hand car should be based on the budget.In selecting a used car, it is good to consider the money that you have.Through money, you will find it easy to bargain for the car. You need to make sure the car you choose is affordable, so that you can comfortably pay for it.Despite the car you want being cheap, first make sure that it is cheap.This will make you get a car that is not in good condition, thus making you to incur high cost to repair the car.The selection of the used car should also be based on the amount of money you will use run it.That car which you can fuel comfortably should be the one to select.

The referrals’ advice will also help you get a good used car.In order have a good car, seek to know what the referrals say for the used cars.You should obtain a used car from the experienced relatives and friends.The goodness of the car will be known by the advice they offer.The referrals will also direct you to a dealer they are sure that he will offer a quality car for your use.The essence of their recommendation is to help you get a car that is good at good price.This will protect you from being exploited by some of the deals.

You need to check the paperwork of the car before buying it.Due to increased fraud you ought to make sure that the dealer of the car has valid documents.The dealer to avoid is that who does not has documents that are validity. Lack of the necessary documents will mean that the car might have been stolen.

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